I. Each Lot shall have the following five “Yard Zones”:

  1. Front Yard Utility Zone,
  2. Courtyard Garden Zone,
  3. Side Yard Zone, Service Side,
  4. Side Yard Zone, Garden Side,
  5. Rear Yard Zone.

II. Landscape requirements of the lot owners shall occur in the Front Yard Utility Zone, Courtyard Garden Zone, and Side Yard Zones. Only the interior lots, Boardwalk Houses, have landscape requirements for the Rear Yard Zone.

III. All planting within each lot shall be watered by an automatic irrigation system installed by the lot owner.

IV. Each lot owner is required to construct six-foot high concrete block stucco walls per the Site Wall Schedule in the Design Code. These walls will create the Courtyard Garden enclosure and will screen the adjacent lots driveway and the utility pedestals in the 8’ front yard utility easement. The layout of the walls shall be as outlined in the Landscape & Hardscape Diagram.


I. SeaNest Village insists that the quality of the construction of our homes is in keeping with our standards for excellence in design. Architectural designs are simply plans; execution of those plans requires experience. It is for these reasons that we require an application, and have set the following criteria for approval of Contractors.

  1. The Contractor must be licensed and submit a completed Builder Application Form to SNVHOA.
  2. The Contractor must have at least five year's experience in building custom, single-family homes.
  3. The Contractor must provide pictures, along with the names, addresses and telephone numbers, of all homes built during the last three (3) years and a recommendation from at least three (3).
  4. The Contractor must have an established quality reputation in Walton, Okaloosa, and/or Bay County.
  5. The Contractor must provide a complete list of subcontractors and suppliers for the past three (3) years.
  6. The Contractor must supply a letter from a lender, which establishes his financial ability to construct a custom home and his financial stability over the last three (3) years.
  7. The Contractor must provide a certificate of insurance of limits no less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) for liability and casualty coverage.
  8. The Contractor agrees to supply his customer with a current financial statement upon request. The above criteria have been established for the protection of SeaNest Village as a whole, it’s intent is not to stifle competition. However, a Contractor's reputation is only earned through experience and customer satisfaction.